Welcome to Yunguilla Valley!

The beautiful jewel of Azuay Province about an hour away from Cuenca.

Follow the road south out of Cuenca towards Machala and along the way is one of Ecuador’s best kept secrets. Starting only about 20 kilometers (14 miles) outside of Cuenca, visitors start getting the first views of the sprawling valley below. The breathtaking views don’t stop there, over the next 40 kilometers (25 miles) during the drive from Girón past Santa Isabel, are more amazing vistas, colorful small towns, and a unique rural culture with its own history and vision of the future.

Yunguilla.com is here to help you learn about the area, find places to stay, and help you discover one of the most gorgeous sunsets you’ve ever seen.

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Come visit Yunguilla Valley and enjoy breathtaking, panoramic views of such natural splendor, you’ll get mad at yourself for not discovering it earlier.


Yunguilla Valley


Beautiful Views

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Support Our Advertisers and Help Us Grow!

Welcome to the yunguillavalley.com blog! Here is where we’ll be posting the latest news about events and happenings in Yunguilla Valley! We’ll be posting stories and photos of locations all over the valley, so this will be THE place to get the latest information and TRAVEL DEALS! That’s right, as affiliates for the best travel sites on the internet, we’ll be bringing you discounts and deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars for anywhere in the world, not just for Yunguilla Valley, Cuenca, or Ecuador — THE WORLD! Be sure to bookmark this site and visit regularly! Watch us grow […]

Welcome to the Yunguilla Valley!

Deep in the mountains in the heart of Ecuador’s Azuay province, the Yunguilla Valley offers amazing, panoramic views, gorgeous weather, and the most beautiful sunsets in the entire world!