About Yunguilla Valley

Ecuador is famous around the world for its incredible biodiversity. Hidden away in the southern Andes, just an hour away from the popular destination of Cuenca, the Yunguilla Valley is the most biodiverse area in this country. Nestled within a narrow 100 mile long valley, you will find cloud forests and waterfalls, dry tropical rainforest inhabited by of unique species, lush countryside filled with bountiful fruits, and an arid desert landscape.

Similarly, there are endless activities for every preference. Nature lovers can enjoy the stunning El Chorro waterfall in the cloud forest of Girón, admire the landscape from dozens of hiking trails around lakes and paramo country, view hundreds of incredible bird species… The area also offers a number of trails for cyclists and dirt bikers!

For those looking for some adrenaline in their vacation, there’s no shortage of options, including parasailing, bungee jumping, and rock climbing.

Most people want to maximize their relaxation time during vacation, and Yunguilla is the perfect spot! From spas and swimming, to …

If you’re interested in learning more about the local culture, there are farm tours available for coffee, flower, or sugarcane farms….